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"Trust what you wear

                                      From the outset, we have been committed to a global

                                      approach aimed at making our industry more virtuous.

                                      We know that, as a leader, we have an important role
                                      to play in improving practices. Our goal is to make

                                      market expectations compatible with the need to

                                      reduce our environmental impact, while improving

                                      our social footprint.

                                      We are therefore committed to many demanding actions
                                      aimed at achieving this goal.

                                      Day after day, year after year, we are developing more
                                      and more models made from organic and/or recycled

                                      materials. At the same time, we adhere to demanding

                                      quality standards to ensure our garments are worn

                                      and stay comfortable for a long time.

                                      We require our production sites and partners to comply

                                      with a rigorous and strict commitment charter so that,

                                      together, we reduce our CO  emissions, our water
                                      consumption, our waste, etc. So that, together, we improve

                                      working conditions, diversity and equality. So that,

                                      together, we guarantee everyone the right to express

                                      their uniqueness through garments that convey sound

                                      and respectful values.

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