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                                                                       YOUR VALUES

                                                                       At major sporting, cultural or charity events, participants like to show their
                                                                       allegiance or support for a particular group or cause. Textiles are a medium that
                                                                       lends itself particularly well to this.


                                                                       YOUR BRAND AWARENESS

                                                                       Studies show that 95% of people that received a gift from a brand keep it, with
                                                                       81% making use of it*. High quality customised textiles will help your brand
                                                                       awareness grow as they can be re-used several times.


                                                                       YOUR PERFORMANCE

                                                                       An employee who feels at ease in their workwear will always perform better if
                                                                       their outfit is comfortable, well-fitting and suitable for their role. The SOL’S range
                                                                       meets all these constraints without compromising on the brand’s representational

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