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                                                                       YOUR IMAGE

                                                                       Clearly identifiable teams that convey the brand’s values and identity are
                                                                       essential across all sectors where employees are in direct contact with customers,
                                                                       and for any company that cares about its brand image. The SOL’S range offers
                                                                       any brand the opportunity to kit out all its employees in its corporate colours.


                                                                       YOUR STYLE

                                                                       Derivative products play an increasingly important role in the global offer provided
                                                                       by brands and organisations, as well as in the world of show business and media. The
                                                                       width of the SOL’S range enables all brands to stand out through products that tie in
                                                                       with their image.



                                                                       Whether you are a ready-to-wear brand, a designer or simply a company aiming to
                                                                       express your creativity, the SOL’S offer is ideal for getting all your creations noticed
                                                                       and enabling you to express your individuality.

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