Gildan® offers something for everyone. More then 60 styles. An ever growing palette or colors. Silhouettes to suite any shapes. Plus, sizes from 2T to 5XL and everywhere in between. Find the performance, functionality and fashion you demand at Gildan.

We are proud to carry the full line of Gildan products, such as:
  • T-Shirts: Gildan® Ultra Cotton®, Gildan® Heavy Cotton™, Gildan® Softstyle®, Gildan® DryBlend®
  • Performance: t-shirts and sport shirts
  • Sport Shirts: Gildan® DryBlend®, Gildan® Heavy Cotton™, Gildan Premium Cotton® Gildan® Performance™
  • Fleece: Gildan® Heavy Blend, Gildan Premium Cotton®, Gildan® DryBlend®
  • Socks
Gildan®,DryBlend®, Gildan Premium Cotton®, Gildan Sofstyle® and Ultra Cotton® are registered trademarks owned by Gildan Activewear SRL.Gildan® Heavy Blend™, Gildan® Heavy Cotton®, Gildan Performance™ and Gildan Platinum™ are trademarks owned by Gildan Activewear SRL.


Anvil has been around since 1899. Started out making workwear, but shave since transformed into a fashion brand designed for individual expression. It's aim is to design relevant pieces that make a bold fashion statement but also say something about who the wearer is and what they believe in.

Anvil has been one of the industry's first to develop and use organic cotton and reycled P.E.T. apparel. During the course of the brand evolution, Anvil has stayed true to their lineage by incorporating social and environmental practices that include a lasting commitment to the Environment, people and Communities.

Almost every Anvil apparel has been made in a safe and ethical work environment where individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

If you are looking for a fashionable, high-end t-shirt,polo,hoodie or sweatshirt, Anvil apparel will have lots to offer.


Our History: Passion, innovation & ethical practices for the clothing industry.
As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of basic apparel, socks and legwear, our company has a direct impact over the lives of thousands of workers around the world.

We are now proudly offering styles made globally.
Bringing you the best basics since 1989.
More than Basics
Not only did American Apparel bring quality basics to consumers, but also provided clothing that was both comfortable to wear and acted as the foundation for your personal style. No matter where you’re from, no matter who you are, our basics will fit. Our clothing works as a platform to allow people to express themselves through art and social causes.


At Comfort Colors® we offer the ultimate comfort in hes designed with a nature-inspired color palette that satisfies the soul. Whether it’s your favorite Saturday morning tee to start the perfect weekend, or that cozy hooded sweatshirt for a cool night, people love to relax in Comfort Colors® apparel.


With a large, colourful and beautifully finished collection, Kariban offers a full range of promotional textile "classics" from corporate wear to casual wear but with a stylish twist. These products are specifically designed to make customization and decoration easy whether it is with screen printing, embroidery, transfers. Kariban bestsellers are available in a full range of colours and sizes in Men's, Ladies & Kids versions.

In 2015, 4 new collections grow the existing range. Sailing: a very nice range of leisurewear products made of nice fabrics with a fashion look and a perfect fit. Workwear: new specific products to dress perfectly with our polar fleece, softshell, sweatshirts, jackets… Hospitality: a new range of ties and scarves to to go along with our shirts, pants and aprons. You can find everything you need. Baby range including tees, polos made of same existing good quality plus body, creeper,etc.


K-UP: the Head wear of Kariban Group

Head up! the product quality and the intention topropose something that nods fashionandnew trends, is really "as step change" in the caps promotional market. A k-up product is an item to be worn dsily wit a brand carried head-up!

To each his own

A browse through the K-up products makes you soon realize one thing: it si a brand tha satisfies all the market segmetns with an excellent mix of product ranging from basics at competive prices to the more trendy and casual, without forgetting technical or sport products.
Again, anything you need in headwear, K’UP get it for you! The right style at the right price, from traditional baseball cap to new knitted hat or fashion snapback cap.


about the trademark

The Japanese KI is frequently translated as "engergy flow", and is often compared to Wstern notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism) as well as the yogic notion of prana or the Latin spiritus. A mood is a relatively long lasting emotional state. Mood is a product of two dimensions: energy and tension. Creativity is enhanced most by positive moods. The concept of KI joined to the English word MOD expresses our feeling about our bags, where the accessories are not just items, but a way to express ourselves whatever the ocassion.

key brand points

Strong brand equity: fresh and clear images, personality, strong communication.
High standard of quality at the right price.
Eco Friendly, Fully available stock.
The brand’s product mix covers already most of the categories you require for your promotional offers.

In 2015, a new “class-chic” range in leather imitation for more upscale gifts enrich the offer. On the accessories front, KIMOOD introduce a new comprehensive drink ware collection of about 20 items in many vibrant colors for your leisure, sport or professional activities. Colors are also added to best sellers products .


Designed for a professional clientele as a range of products that are suited to requirements in this field.
We want to guarantee the well-being of the people who use our products every day as well as provide a range of professional clothing collections that suit every work environment.

We have a wide range of special, ergonomically designed outfits, which can be worn day after day.
All of it has been created to ensure maximum comfort and ease in every situation.

Opt for quality, hard-wearing, durable and well-made clothing, as well as practical and comfy pieces including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bodywarmers, trousers, technical clothing, belts, caps, etc.



Pro Act and Kariban Sport are now concentrated in 1 unique brand name and concept: PRO ACT®. Proact can dress all team sports clubs from kids to adults with leisurewear, training kit and game kit. This range carefully coordinates tops and bottoms to create a stylish and performance driven range, Proact offer an excellent multisports collection combining quality and high-tech fabrics for extreme comfort during exercise.

In addition to teamwear, PRO ACT also offers an extensive range of clothing for individual sports. In 2015, new sports are covered such as Golf with very nice technical products, (ladies & men), Basket ball top and bottom uniforms (ladies, men and kids), Cycling (ladies & men) plus a multi sports range of quality base layers. As we started last year, ALL Kariban Sport references have been changed to PROACT references and all new production will be under PROACT code and label. The product remaining exactly the same. This is completing the strategy to position PROACT as a key sport player.


In 1991 in Paris, Alain MILGROM founded a company specializing in textile packaging and rapidly went on to become a major player in this sector. As a fashion and communication enthusiast, he aimed to change and even reinvent another sphere: that of advertising clothing. To do so, he decided to create a new mode of communication using a different type of language and a new approach.

SOL’S has very often been considered a trail-blazer in terms of style, creativity, innovation and that «certain something» that makes its products stand out, all of which add true value to the brand. Its collection suits all communication operations, all types of events, and more importantly, all budgets. Collections devoted to men, women and children. One of the brand’s strong points is its ability to produce «TWIN» products suiting men and women.

We stock over 100 SOL'S products, among which are SOL'S flagship styles such as REGENT and IMPERIAL.


At Native Spirit, we develop pieces that are designed to last. Our commitment is the promise of a range of unique and sustainable pieces that meet ethical and demanding criteria. We are particularly keen on creating collections of responsible products and are committed to a long-term relationship with you. And with the planet.

When creating our collections, our teams are motivated by a desire to develop products that meet a united and sustainable vision, designed from eco-friendly, recycled, or organic materials.

Our promise includes the labels and certifications awarded to our items, and fabric sheets that explain the manufacture and origin of the fibres in our products.


Finden + Hales offers a premium collection of Teamwear, Corporate Sportswear and Workwear, using advanced fabric technology to produce an unrivalled range of performance clothing. Dedicated to providing outstanding quality and offering total coordination across the range, each style is designed and manufactured to perform in Men’s, Ladies’ and Kids’ wear, in sizes ranging from 5/6 years all the way up to 3XL for adults. We use a wide range of fabrics, including our Permanent Wicking Technology designed to be both durable and breathable - ensuring the wearer stays cool and the garment is easy to care for. With our advanced construction and features such as water and windproof fabrics used throughout the range, the wearer is equipped for any activity… at maximum performance. All our Finden + Hales styles are designed with easy access to decoration points to make branding simple. Finden + Hales – The Performance Collection.


Mumbles bears love getting dressed up, and that’s why we’re pleased there’s such a huge selection of clothes for us to choose from. We don’t mind what we wear, because every item in our clothing range is beautifully made and designed to fit perfectly.

We are made from the finest quality materials and are stringently tested, ensuring that we always comply to EN71 European Toy Safety Standards. Although we love children, we are not suitable for little ones under the age of three months because we have small parts.


Eclectic, Effortless, Iconic.
The SF Collection is inspired by city street style. Dress it up, dress it down, print on it, accessorise it; just wear it your way.
We’ve added 11 new fashion-forward products this year. Whilst improving many of your solid favourites with new colours and fabric mixes.
As always, you’ll find the modern finishes, flattering lines and feel good materials you’ve come to expect from SF. Enjoy!

Our aim? To design and manufacture modern and highly wearable clothing, keeping an eye on style and fashion and a tight grip on quality.
We definitely don’t believe plain is boring – which is why all our garments look great with or without a logo or design.
Everything we do is done with the customer in mind: from design, to manufacture, distribution and beyond.
We care about where we make our clothes. And we care about those who make them.
There are no typical days for us but we’ll try to put our hands and heads to most things. If you can’t find us in the office, we could be anywhere in the world visiting and checking out manufacturers, meeting with customers or seeking out new ideas and ways of doing things.


Just Hoods, the go-to brand for hoodies, zoodies, jackets and casualwear.
Our collection now includes a new selection of exciting colours as well as some fantastic new street-ready styles, including a cropped hoodie for women and a stylish sleeveless zoodie. With 43 great styles and 67 great colours there’s a Just Hoods by AWDis product for everyone.


Just Ts design, manufacture and sell quality t-shirts worldwide. When it comes to quality Ts, Just Ts knows the two most important things for customers are the fabric and the detail; that’s why they offer such a wide, carefully crafted range.

From picking the fabric, right through to the final design, Just Ts ensures the range brings the best fit, the best fabric and the best printing surface on the market.


Just Polos design, produce and sell high-quality polo shirts worldwide. Just Polos pride itself on the fit and functionality of our garments and are driven by customers’ needs to access a wide variety of fashion-forward polo shirts supplied by specialists who really care.


Established in 2011, Just Cool is the biggest activewear brand provider to the printwear and promotion market. We pride ourselves on the fit and functionality of our fabrics, producing high-quality activewear in various performance styles, colours, and sizes to suit a variety of sports and workouts.

No matter what you need, there’s something in our range to make you look cool, feel cool, and stay cool.


Écologie by AWDis has a mission - to build a better future for our planet without compromising on style.

This range of sustainable t-shirts, sweatshirts and knitted sweaters in a range of colours and finishes, are all created from completely ecologically friendly cotton sources. Combining sustainability with fashion, Écologie has carefully designed our collection so that it not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good about the way the products are made.


Our flagship collection sees us bring together styles for those working in the hospitality industry. The clean and hygienic appearance of staff is especially important in the food and drink, industry and smartly dressed front-of-house staff inspires confidence from customers. If you need uniforms for your hotel, bar or restaurant; café coffee house, or bistro, we are the one-stop-shop for your hospitality wear requirements.

Corporatewear is another sector where our styles enjoy a great deal of attention. Whether you're meeting customers face to face or striking up an online chat, it's as important as ever to maintain a smart, professional approach with your work attire. Our shirts are incredibly versatile and can be styled to fit the occasion with a huge choice of colours and sizes available throughout the range


Born from the UK’s biggest outdoor clothing brand, Regatta Professional has the trusted expertise to kit out your workforce the professional way. Whether it's lightweight yet waterproof, bulk-free but warming, or stylish and still protective, the versatile workwear is specially made to help you get the job done. And with the new Honestly Made range, you can now wear it sustainably. Better still, it’s all brandable, enabling you to personalise each piece for your line of work.


The Olima brand offers a wide range of high-quality towels to meet all your needs.

Our products include promotional towels, available in a range of colours and sizes to ensure that everyone can find the right corporate colour.

Premium quality, thicker towels provide extra softness and durability and are available in beautiful pastel colours.

Olima's range also includes beach towels, cotton sports towels with handy drawstrings, as well as bathrobes and bath mats.

All Olima’s products are OEKO-TEX certified, which ensures skin-friendly quality. Guaranteed not to irritate even the most sensitive skin of the little ones.

If you need a quality and multi-purpose towel, look no further, you're sure to find the right one among Olima’s products.


Breaking the codes of professional clothing, living our times, and giving each brand the freedom to express who it is, is NEOBLU's vocation.

Our ambition is to propose image wear that combines style, comfort, and elegance. We want people wearing NEOBLU clothing as part of their work duties to no longer feel like changing as soon as they are no longer at work. That's why we create both timeless and trendy pieces, with a revisited style, perfect quality, and unique details and materials.

From a palette of fifty-eight pieces, you can twist, match, mix & match your corporate silhouette as you wish, an association that belongs to you to define your style. Don't go unseen anymore.

Bring your uniqueness to life. Compose your own unique outfit.

With NEOBLU, create your signature corporate silhouette.


Legend World Wide’s approach to design is closely related to customer requirements where quality and comfort are never lacking.

Legend World Wide is a brand suitable for everyday occasions and fashion combinations. It is affordable and appealing to different generations as a measure of good taste and quality.

The BASIC is always present and a necessary direction that offers security, quality, and simplicity.


We believe that denim is versatile and timeless, and have carefully designed a range of adaptable, affordable staples that you can live your life in, from work right through to the weekend. Our contemporary styles are infused with the detailing we know our customers love and need.


In a world where brand image is first conveyed by attire, it is essential to make corporate wear accessible and help create and maintain a feeling of belonging to a community and thus help bring out the best in employees.
The brand was founded in this evolving context, offering essential, on-trend pieces.

Kariban Premium meets a growing demand in the textile sector, combining style and simplicity in its clothing.

Elegant and timeless, the brand prioritizes comfort and freedom of movement, as well as versatility.
Of premium quality, Kariban Premium responds to strict requirements, with a structuring and dynamic approach to the composition of target ranges.




Korntex® has specialized in the manufacture of workwear. In Germany, Korntex® is already the market leader with high-visibility vests. The aim is to become the world's number 1 with safety vests.

The extensive product range offers a large selection of warning vests, warning jackets and other workwear in different colours, sizes and qualities. Individual private label productions round off our offer as a manufacturer. We mainly produce our safety vests in our own production facility in the People's Republic of China and deliver to almost every region of the world. Mainly to Europe, Africa, the Near and Middle East and Latin America.